Helping others discover their highest selves through respect of their own bodies.

My personal journey with addiction and healing has created a story I so deeply wanted to share with others. I created Jenny Eats the World to guide women through their journey of self-actualization. To love thyself is to know thyself and along the way discover your darkness and light, with every color in between. There is no cap to healing, there is only expansion. 

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"I’m honestly IN LOVE with your page gal - your real, raw, honest content is fantastic!"

emma m.

"Thank you so much for being so open and sharing your experiences."

samantha c.

"Your strength and honesty is inspiring! Keep being you!"

colton f.

"You are amazing Jenny! So excited for you. And you are an excellent coach."

leslie l.

"You’re killing it girl. This is what success is really about. Thanks for inspiring us to reach our goals despite the other bullshit we have to do."

jennzen w.

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There is no cap to healing, there is only expansion. Come along for the journey, because we are strongest when we are in this together.

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