Hey, I'm Jenny

In order to recover, I needed to return home. To ground down. To heal myself before healing the world.

My healing is a balance of looking within, expanding without, and accepting myself as whole. My body used to define me. Food used to control me. Recovery is my sustenance today, as it helps to liberate both myself and others.

Raised to compete, I grew up an athlete. My body became my biggest asset and therefore, my identity. When I burned out from sports, I lost that sense of self and found an escape with food. The hunger didn’t stop at the end of a 1am binge, rather, the hunger propelled me around the globe. I wandered around for years, hoping to leave my problems in hotel rooms, but alas, my eating disorder always had a way of catching up with me.

I was Born Hungry.

When I was in grade school, I turned each birthday into a night of watching classic horror films and playing with Ouija boards. Every year, a friend would have to watch TV with my parents upstairs as a group of 10 year-old-girls screamed tirelessly for hours in the basement.

I changed my major four times in college and have worked as many as five different jobs in one day.

On the last day of a holiday in Key West, I was stung by a Portugese Man-O-War jellyfish and rushed to the ER by ambulance.

I was voted “Most Likely To Never Leave The Bubble” in high school.

Present a Ted Talk

No. 1

Host a travel show revealing beauty culture around the world

No. 2

Act in a blockbuster movie

No. 3

Lead a yoga retreat on six continents

No. 4

Write a song with Lady Gaga

No. 5

On My Bucket List