She wants people to understand that true success starts internally and you are acceptable at any shape and form. Your health comes first and self-love has to be at the forefront of your own health. Jenny wants to be blunt and open to everyone, and she’s always battling her throat chakra, she’s constantly saying the exact opposite of what she means.

Jenny has had her own journey with sugar, eating disorders and self-loathing. So she’s struggl

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A Woman on a Mission

“Author Jennifer Martin has shared pictures from travels around the world, painting the picture of living her best life. But, behind the photos, followers had no idea she was battling an eating disorder. She joins us to discuss her journey.”

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My Secret Journey

Jennifer Martin is a local speaker, author and coach. She spent her early 20s traveling the globe but continued to struggle with an eating disorder. Now, she’s sharing her story through a poetry book and an upcoming memoir.

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Sharing My Story

You may have seen her around Kansas City doing book readings to promote her new poetry book, Emotionally Bankrupt…a book in response to resignation, addiction, heartbreak and growth shared in the light of poetry.  

It’s here where Jenny was vulnerable & brave enough to primarily talk about the addiction chapter of the book, where we get to learn about Jenny’s story, and that’s her story about living with and through her eating disorder and how she found self love again!

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Becoming a Poetry Author

Yoga teacher, life coach, public speaker, and author of Emotionally Bankrupt, Jennifer Martin joined me to tell her story of how she overcame eating disorders through stepping into her own worth. She now helps teach others by focusing on helping show them how worthy and loved they are so they too can overcome diet culture. Jennifer is trying to change the narrative around workplace dress codes as well. We talked about our personal coaching philosophies, including how self care is often about radical self love, and what daily practice of that looks like. 

Author Jennifer Martin will be reading from her first book, “Emotionally Bankrupt”. This three-part series about work, addiction and love is a story shared through a collection of poetry.

‘Emotionally Bankrupt’ is a collection of poems outlining one woman’s experience with work, addiction, and love. This three part series of emotional unrest casts a romantic light on tough times. Emotionally Bankrupt’ by Jennifer Martin is available now on Amazon.

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