I want you to know that you are heard and appreciated, despite every covered part of your life.

I aspire to create a world with you where we truly love ourselves and each other.

Life Coaching

Self-actualization is a practice, not a permanent state of being. When we apply daily tools of development, the inner-work compounds over time, making self-actualization much easier to access. 

Tap into your reservoir of realization with my TipKit, a set of resources that will transform how you approach self-study. 

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Event Speaker

As an advocate for self-acceptance, Jenny speaks about her eating disorder story as a fight against body shaming and diet culture. Her talks define holistic approaches to the complexity of mental health, as the cost of recovery is much simpler than the price we pay when we fail to take care of ourselves.

Overcoming "The Voice Inside Your Head"

Media literacy and understanding your worth in a like-based society

Practical mental health practices at any age

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Yoga Workshop

From the mic to the mat, Jenny loves to lead a room full of dreamers and seekers of change. As a speaker, Jenny motivates an audience to stay strong. As a yoga teacher, she helps students tap into the softness within. Because yoga is so much more than pretty postures, a yoga workshop can be applied to any environment.

Corporate Lunch and Learns
Allow your office to hit reset with a midday session of mindfulness. The Lunch and Learn combines breathing techniques, chair yoga and stress-relieving practices that are easily incorporated into the workplace. 

Happy Hour Yoga
Keep your company flexible and fun with an active happy hour. Get bending with a buzz with this hybrid of breath work, movement, and guaranteed laughter.

Mind Over Mat-ter 
Take back your power with this journaling and yoga workshop. Mind Over Mat-ter draws parallels between yoga teachings and how it is applied in the modern day. Designed to build mental and physical strength, this workshop is rooted in yoga fundamentals, journaling techniques, and affirmations. 

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